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Unleash Your Potential: University of Sheffield Elite Sport Performance Scheme (ESPS)

Are you a talented athlete aiming to excel in both your sport and academics?

The University of Sheffield's ESPS is designed to empower elite athletes like you. We provide a unique support system to help you flourish on the field and in the classroom.

Why Choose ESPS?

  • Proven Track Record: We've nurtured exceptional athletes like Bryony Page (Olympic Silver & Bronze Medalist), and many more.
  • Holistic Support: We offer a comprehensive package including strength and conditioning coaching, discounted physiotherapy, lifestyle mentoring (nutrition and psychology), and top-tier gym membership.
  • Academic Success: Our dedicated team understands the demands of elite athletics. We'll help you manage your training schedule alongside your studies, ensuring you achieve your academic goals.

Who We're Looking For:

  • Elite Athletes: We're seeking athletes competing at a national or international level.
  • Driven and Committed: A strong work ethic and dedication to both your sport and academics are essential.
  • Ambitious: Do you have your sights set on the highest level? We want to support athletes with the potential to be the best.

Join a Community of Champions

ESPS is more than just a support scheme. It's a community of talented athletes who push each other to achieve greatness. Train alongside like-minded individuals and benefit from the collective experience.

Ready to take your performance to the next level?

Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about applying for the ESPS program.

All ESPS athletes receive:

  • Strength and Conditioning Coaching: Train with our expert coaches to maximize your performance.
  • Discounted Physiotherapy: Maintain peak physical condition with access to on-site physiotherapy services.
  • Lifestyle Mentoring: Get expert advice on nutrition and psychology to optimize your training and well-being.
  • Peak S10health Gym Membership: Train in state-of-the-art facilities with your free gym membership.


Level Up Your Support:

Catalyst Athletes Receive Additional Benefits:

  • Free Accommodation: Focus on your goals with free housing for one year (restrictions apply).


Level 2 Athletes Receive Additional Benefits:

  • £1,000 Annual Award: Invest in your training and development.


Who Qualifies?

Level 2:

  • Senior or Top Junior International Athletes (GB or equivalent)
  • TASS Athletes (GB or equivalent)
  • Elite Category Road Cyclists (for at least 12 months)


Level 1:

  • International/National Representatives (GB, England, etc.)
  • Professional, Semi-Professional, or High-Level Academy Athletes (examples provided)
  • Athletes on GB Development Pathways
  • High-Level County Athletes (Sport Dependent)
  • TASS Athletes

Please Note: These are guidelines. Representing GB or equivalent is not a guaranteed Level 2 placement. All ESPS athletes are expected to represent the University of Sheffield whenever possible.

Ready to Join a Community of Champions?

Calling All Athletes: Apply for the 2024/25 ESPS Now!

Are you a talented athlete who just received an offer to study at the University of Sheffield through Clearing? Great news! You're eligible to apply for the Elite Sports Performance Scheme (ESPS) for the 2024/25 academic year.

Here's what you need to know:

Selection Process:

  • A panel of experts will review your application based on:
    • Your sporting achievements, current level, and future goals
    • Supporting statement from your coach/NGB
    • How the ESPS will benefit your studies and athletic career
    • Your potential contribution to Sport Sheffield and the University
    • Short online interview to get to know you as an individual
  • The panel's decision is final.

What successful applicants get:

  • An invitation to an introductory session at The University of Sheffield, Sport & Physical Activity……………..

Don't miss this opportunity! Apply now and take your athletic career to the next level while excelling in your studies at the University of Sheffield.

For any questions, contact: One of our Club & Performance Sport Officers,

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding any area of our Performance Scheme then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To enquire about suitability to apply for the Elite Sports Performance Scheme or any other questions relating to Performance Sport please contact our Sport Sheffield via

Our scheme is also funded entirely through donations and partners. To discuss a donation please contact David Meadows, Senior Philanthropy Manager – Legacies and Individual Giving via telephone on 0114 222 1073 or email through